Guma' Imahe - Images of the past, present, and future.
Hafa Adai/ G-U-A-M
Jesse Bais and Ruby Santos
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Håfa Adai!

Welcome to the Guma' Imahe website .  Guma' Imahe, formerly known as Natibu "Hacha" was established in 2003 by Joel Larimer.  The goal of Imahe is to build a strong foundation of knowledge in all dancers.   Though we are far our island home, our hearts remember the beautiful islands and the culture that continues to nourish our lives.  The spirit of inafa'maolek and aloha teaches us to be humble and respect others.  It is our pleasure to share our culture here in Washington through and dance.
Cultural dance is a way of life to which many people dedicate their lives.  Cultural dance is more than just dancing.  The movement and gestures performed by the dancers are just the surface. Underneath this is a rich culture that celebrates creation, the gods and goddesses, legends, history, and more.  Deep knowledge is reserved for those who have earned it.  People cherish what they have learned from the manamko'/kupuna (elderly) and hold that knowledge close.
In each class, the dancers learn Ancient, Spanish, and Contemporary Chamorro dance.  As well as, Hula Kahiko (Ancient Hula), Hula 'Auana (Modern Hula), along with the of the Chamorro and Hawaiian language.

Once again,  Hafa Adai and Aloha.
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